Monday, August 27, 2007


I bought a new sketchbook today for my birthday today. . for the past couple of years, off and on, I've been carrying sketchbooks with me, to scribble all my ideas down. . .

so, I've been going through my now retired sketchbook, while listening to Soul Coughing, and typing all the ideas for music videos, short films, and features that I've been carrying around for the past year or so. . .

I really like this sketchbook, but I've really beaten the shit out of it. . . and I'm kinda afraid that it's going to start to lose pages. . so I bought a new, smaller sketchbook, one that I can shove into one of my pockets, and carry that much easier. It'll be a welcome addition to my wardrobe, especially since I'll be walking around New York constantly thinking, starting October, when I start at The New York Film Academy. I'm already planning my Oscar acceptance speeches, but I really gotta keep my ego in check. I'm so excited, though. . . I can't wait. . . I can actually feel it in my chest, swelling as I think of it.

I'm getting jittery. . . it's hard to focus on typing. I'm going to fucking film school. I'm scared shitless. . . It's going to be amazing.

Also, Court of Conscience has been WARMLY received by everyone who's seen it so far, barring the incomplete foley. . . I'd like to finish it this week, but I'm feeling kinda burned out on that project. . . I'm sure once I start cranking away at it again, then I'll pick up some of the momentum that I've lost. ..

I feel like I'm in love, but not as warm. . . I just feel good. I can't wait to leave. . .

I'm going to miss this feeling almost as much as the people that I'm going to leave behind, but it actually feels like I'm coming home.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Billy Chaka FTW

Isaac Adamson is friggin' awesome. I remember grabbing a copy of Hokkaido years ago, and really enjoying it. If you're an otaku, and you enjoy a good dose of neo-noir, then be sure to check him out.

I'd have to say that Isaac Adamson is almost directly responsible for my absolute love for all things noir. Check him out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

. . . a las barricadas

Black storms shake the sky
Dark clouds blind us
Although death and pain await us
Against the enemy we must go



"the brightest night/i ever saw/across an empty parking lot/no stars"

~Silver Mount Zion, "Babylon Was Built on Fire/StarsNoStars"

I forgot how much I ABSOLUTELY love GYBE, and A Silver Mount Zion. . . I've been listening to "This is Our Punk Rock" during most (if not ALL) of the editing for my next piece. . . which I'm hoping will be done some time this week (it'll prolly need some tweaking at some point. . .but that's ok. . nothing lasts forever. . .)

also, go see stardust. Robert DeNiro FTW.