Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"Grace" by Steven Mondesir

GRACE from Steven Mondesir on Vimeo.

A man struggles to keep his present life intact after an unwelcome visit from his past.

Dir. Steven Mondesir

Ed. Mike Mazzotta


Another Successful shoot.

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I'm in PA. It's dark & rainy. The cab of the truck is leaking. Can't wait to be home.

BTW, Jeff Gaumer (Camera Operator & 1st AC to the stars) is kinda a god. And he drives a mean grip truck.

For reals.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


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Illinois DOESN'T welcome you.

The welcome center is CLOSED. :(

World's Largest TruckStop

Shit Yeah, Orange Julius!!

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Peace, Iowa!!


Cheating Death, Shani Patel's Short Film, has wrapped principal photography in Iowa City, IA.

Man Called Zombie while ordering food, punched twice in face.

So, there were 2 Zombie Films shooting in Iowa City while we were their: our film, and "Collapse", an indie feature. Our Huge Zombie Ext. Scene was rained out, so our Zombies left. The article is about one of OUR zombies. Oooops.
Here's some photos:

^My Mobile FCP station, Joe's Place, Iowa City

^Scene 1 Night Exteriors

^Downtown @ Night

^Downtown @ Night

^Downtown @ Night

^Reference Shot, scene 15

^Another Reference Shot

^Red One!!

^4 TB of AWESOME!!

^the view from the van, Day 2

^Newton, IA @ night, Day 1

^It's like they knew we were coming!! Iowa City, IA

^too late.

On the road back to NYC, will update accordingly.


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

SCREWFILMS Logo Contest~!!


I know I'm usually a dick, but now I need something, so I'm gonna be nice. . .

We're looking for a logo that can go at the end of ALL our videos (not just the ones on VF), as well as cloth patches, etc. . .

Here's the deal:

We're looking a White on Back/line art logo. . something simple, but Iconic. . .
Something that when people see it, they think "SCREWFILMS."

THE PRIZE: When we do patches, I'll mail you a couple, PLUS i'll send you a SCREWFILMS t-shirt when we make them. . . and if it's REALLY rockin', I'll even get it tattooed, and send you pics. . .



CLICK TO DOWNLOAD. . . AAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009


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VF Blag is NO MORE. . .

Copied all the posts from our old VF Blog. . . there's scattered in, among the posts, in chronological order. . . they should fill in the blanks.


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Found these dudes. . .

So. . . yeah. . . that's NOT me. Fo'Reelz.


Really. Other than that, most (if not all) the google results point to me. . . WITH THIS BLOG BEING THE NUMBER ONE HIT!!!!

Awesome. /Makes me feel good

Iphone Blog Test

Fuzzy Photo of a fuzzy dude? Let's see if it'll post!!

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The Freak Show. . So Far. .

Here's the First 5 episodes of THE FREAK SHOW, a weekly Webisode Series Presented by VampireFreaks. . . I'm still working on the HD uploads. . .

Vampire Freaks Presents: THE FREAK SHOW Ep.001

Vampire Freaks Presents: THE FREAK SHOW Ep.002

Vampire Freaks Presents: THE FREAK SHOW Ep.003 w/ DRAZUL!!

Vampire Freaks Presents: THE FREAK SHOW Ep.004 w/ Cornelius Churchill

KIA is #1 on Synergy & Tempo??

A video I co-directed with Ravin Ramkissoon in Trinidad is/was #1 on the Countdowns on TV?!?!?! WHAAAAA?!?!?!

I've been looking for proof, but I can't find any online. . but It was a REALLY good video, and I wouldn't be surprised. . . anyone have any word? Link me/let me know!!

That was Quick.

I'm back to using this as my primary website. . . I tried MobileMe, but It just wasn't for me. . . I like having Blog Functionality, and I like how easy/modular Blogger can be. . so . . . I'm back.


NEWS: The Freak Show on VAMPIREFREAKS.COM was a HIT. . . we're taking a quick break (Empire Strikes Back style), and then we'll be back up, probably in a Bi-Weekly Format.. .

STARING AT THE SUN is going in to Production soon. . . and I'm going to Iowa to Tech on a shoot. AWESOME! Will be posting from there. FTW.