Monday, November 10, 2008

First Public Screening, Obama, Netflix, and THREETHOUSANDWORDS IS DEAD

THREETHOUSANDWORDS is dead. and SOME SCHMUCKS IN DC fucking killed it. So it's done.

Fuckers. I really liked that name, and I'll use it for something later. . .

so. . . screwfilms. Fuck yeah. That's the name from now on, fuckers.


Next Up:

I just got myself a netflix account, and I've decided that the world needs more of at least 2 things: Blogs, and Movie reviews. . . written in Haiku! HA!

Why the fuck not, right?

Congrats Obama, I voted, but didn't think we were going to win, and was legitimately nervous about it on election day. Quick Sweep, and I could hear cheers from the Roof of What was Tamany Hall when he was declared. It was powerful, and I totally went to Union Square after I closed to the New York Film Academy Edit lab, and hung out until the cops started taking out their billy clubs, and that's when I decided to puss out. . .

Robo had it's first cold public screening the Night before Halloween. . . and tanked.

15 people watched with rapt attention, while 20 people talked shit behind them, and then some fucking moron jumped on stage 30 second before the credits, and pulled up the screen (obviously, he was not a fan).

I thought it was funny as hell, and pretty indicative that the film needs some work.

So. . . yeah.