Saturday, July 25, 2009


My favorite part about doing these is the comments. . . you guys rock.

Here's a MASS Responses to comments. . . The SCREWFILMS crew & I would have responded sooner, but we were workin', ya know :P

Vampireanarchy89: said "jet u need a film crew i film im starting up space monkey productions"

COOL! We love to see other folks getting out there and shooting! What gear/cameras do you have? What have you worked on? Feel free to send your reel + resume to SCREWFILMS [at] GMAIL.COM! We always looking for Operators, B cams, and other support positions! (That goes for the REST of you, too!) SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, though! :P

Redex said: "
Nice cdjs! Anyone know what setup he is using?"

1x Pioneer DJM-600 Mixer, 2x Pioneer CJD-1000mkIII

KloroFormd said: "Why does the video mixer have to attention whore itself? We don't need to know that it's a Videonics MX-1 digital video mixer. Srsly."

I stepped on the plug. It's not our little video mixer's fault that he was brought up being told he was special. Once the power came back 1/10 of a second later, he felt the need to bring up the fact that in that little black plastic box of awesome, there was a STAR trying to work his way out. He just felt he needed some attention. . . and on-screen credit.

Ya really can't blame the little guy, can ya?

takethistoheart_x3 said: "Pretty good, the audio is in and out tho and you should get a better quality camera for next time"

Check your connection: sometimes when you're down in your Parent's basement, 'borrowing' the Wi-Fi from your neighbor's house across the street, you can dips in service/ limited bandwidth. When you're viewing the stream, it's only going to be as good for YOU as the connection you have. . . the faster it is, the clearer the video will be.

As far as cameras go, we're using 3 Panasonic DVX-100s, which are industry standard cameras. . . that being said, Jet and I are always working to improve the compression being used, so it'll ALWAYS improve. . . NOBODY is really doing what we're doing right now (3+ camera live streams + live graphics at remote locations online) so there's alot of stuff that we're figuring out. . . but thanks for the input! That's what we need!

Evening_Doom said: "Jet, about how many people showed up tonight?"

Jet has a habit of punching me in the back when he gets excited. The FIRST punch of the night was early on in the stream, when he checked, and there was >500 people on the stream. That kinda hurt. Note to self: Don't box w/ Jet.

jshade said: "This is such a badass idea! Love it !"

Yeah, it is. All the guys from Audiolust, VF, and my crew (Screwfilms) are wicked stoked on it. *shrugs* it's pretty schweet.

eternal_sin said: "The video quality is meh but audio is perfect. It would be also pretty awesome if you could point the camera towards the dance floor or perhaps have two cameras for the feed? Still awesome!"

See above.

demon_or_angel said: "love the fact that at 8 am i can listen to music in NYC"
Isn't the internet full of win?

stab-happy said: "v_f_l_, I remember last time when Anti-Mechanism performed they ended it too soon also. This makes me a sad panda."

And it just got CRAZIER after that. Cybertron ALWAYS gets more fun the later it gets. BUT, if we gave you the whole thing for free, NOBODY would come out for Cybertron. . . wanna see more? Come out to the night :-)

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