Monday, January 25, 2010

". . .if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."

Words to live by. Here's a lo-fi youtube embed. . all the good ones have embedding disabled.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Movie A Day 2010

I figured I'd start the new decade with a bang.

This Year, I'm going to attempt to watch a movie a day.

Here's the First 20 days of January.

Jan. 1st - In the Realms of the Unreal
Jan. 2nd - Taxi Driver
Jan. 3rd - Hebrew Hammer
Jan. 4th - AVATAR
Jan. 5th - Following
Jan. 6th - Shakes the Clown
Jan. 7th - Aliens (Director's Cut)
Jan. 8th - Them
Jan. 9th - Robocop
Jan. 10th - THX-1138
Jan. 11th - The Black Dahlia
Jan. 12th - 48hrs
Jan. 13th - Rachel Getting Married
Jan. 14th - The Producers (Musical)
Jan. 15th - Maltese Falcon
Jan. 16th - Klute
Jan. 17th - Hollywoodland
Jan. 18th - Go
Jan. 19th - RocknRolla
Jan. 20th - Very Bad Things

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michael Gira reactivates SWANS!!

Look what showed up in my inbox today. . . it's like CHRISTMAS!!


Hello There,
I have decided to focus my energy on Swans once again. I'm reactivating that project. A new album is in the works, and touring will follow in fall of 2010. In order to help raise funds / help defray the considerable costs of recording and promoting the new album, I have made a special CD/DVD limited edition handmade package called "I Am Not Insane" available exclusively at the YGR website. You can read about the CD/DVD, and my decision to reactivate Swans at this link:

Thanks Very Much, and God Bless You,

Michael Gira / Swans / Angels Of Light / Young God Records

here's the link!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Red Ted shows off his Scarlett to the Engadget Nerds!

From the ENGADGET post:
We just got a terrific surprise at the Engadget CES trailer: Ted Schilowitz from RED popped in with a RED Scarlet and the Bomb EVF for a quick hands-on! Our video producer Chad Mumm basically attacked him, as did the rest of the crew -- pretty much everyone surrounded him as he pulled the Scarlet out of its pack. Chad actually shot video and did a little interview -- we'll get that up ASAP, but check out the pics in the gallery below.

Click HERE for Engadget's Photo Gallery.

Here's a link to a thread about it on REDUser

As I find more video and pictures from the session, I'll update. . .

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hope and Possibility

Here's a trailer for Hope & Possibility, a documentary about children with disabilities that I'm currently Teching/Assistant Editing on. . .

It's gonna be AWESOME.

Gear Dreams. . .

Location:E 17th St,New York,United States

EDIT: So, I pretty much had this LOOOOONG list of stuff that I wanted to see manifest in my gear, but my phone crashed. . . that's why I shouldn't blog anything heavy on my iPhone.

Speaking of iPhone, here's 2 lists. . . a list of features I'd like to see, and a list of apps that I want.

-Native Bluetooth Keyboard support
-AVCRP Bluetooth Support
-MAC OS X Screensharing Compatibility
-AT&T Tethering

-App-Store Approved NES/SNES Emulation (FINALLY! I CAN BEAT EARTHBOUND!!) app
-NATIVE GoogleDocs editing (with local storage/ability to sync)
-CELTX app with in-app writing Editing of scripts
-NETFLIX Streaming App

I know that most of these are available for people who Jailbreak. . . but I don't WANT to jailbreak. I want to be able to use my phone the way I want, without having to fear for my warranty. That's not really a political stance, it's just some features that I REALLY want.

Here's a brief list of features that will make me buy a NEW Macbook Pro
-USB 3.0
-Expresscard Slot on Laptops <17"
-SDXC Card Slot

I can't even TELL you how much I have Firewire. Having 3 different types of storage ports on the back of my iMac is ugly, and I have to make some really weird chaining choices. . . I'd GLADLY trade my 400 AND 800 port for half a dozen USB 3.0 ports.

Also, I've been thinking about getting a hackintosh as a second/ portable computer, specifically the Dell Mini 10v for Snow Leopard & FCP 7.

The biggest hold-up i've had to upgrading to FCP 7 is the fact that I like to edit on trains. It sounds weird, but I do some of my best assemblies on the subway. But there's NO WAY that i'm going to bring my primary machine out of the house when I don't have to: I will get robbed eventually. So, instead of carrying a MBP everywhere, I've been carrying around a 12" G4 Powerbook with FCP 6. . . and it has ROUGHLY the same specs as the Mini10v.

Anybody had any success? Let me know. . .

Here's some neat links. Enjoy.


Oops.No More . .

Happy New Year! lapsed, and was squatted. Oops.

So, I just bought SCREWFILMS.NET

That works for me. Also, I updated the link for the blog, so it's now


Wrapped Post on 2 shorts, working on another 1, and cranking the Suicide cut on a feature. . . all at the same time. All RED. All Awesome. . . will be posting stuff for the reel soon.

Also, been doing a "Movie A Day" as my New Years Resolution. . . will post a list soon.

That's pretty much it for now, but we're back up. . . FTW.