Tuesday, December 22, 2009

RED One and Iphone. . .

There's 2 new apps out now for the Iphone that I think are pretty damn useful. Here we go.

(From REDuser.com)

Hi Everyone,

The MPC Data Lab data rate calculator iPhone app is now available to download (free) from the iTunes store.


It enables you to work out disk space needed for given running times of most digital cameras out there & how much this will take on disk once transcoded. There's also a film footage calculator for those who enjoy a bit of retro.

Hope you find it useful



I love this app. . . the only thing I wish it did was give you file sizes for ALL the flavors of ProRes, as well as the different REDCODE datarates . . . but other than that, everything is here.

Here's a breakdown of the features:
Camera Types:
RED 4k/2k/3k
Phantom 1920x1080/2028x1152/2048x1536/2048x2048
ARRI D-21 RAW Mode
Silicon Imaging 2k
Canon 5D/7D
P2 AVC-Intra 100/AVC Intra 50

With these Datarates, the app will give you # of Frames and Storage based on Run-Time (which you can input) and Framerate (23.98/24/25/29.97).

It'll ALSO give you length/# of Frames of the footage shot if you're shooting film. The options there are 35mm 4/3/2 perf, 16mm, and Super 8mm.

There's even a storage calculator, based on Filetype (DPX 10-bit/Tiff 16bit/Tiff 8bit), Frame size (4k/2k/HD/SD/PAL in EVERY Conceivable size)), and Frame Rate.

AGAIN, the only thing that I think it's lacking is the different flavors of Pro-Res in the storage calculator, but other than that, it's AWESOME. It's currently free, go grab it.

AND FOR ALL THE AC's out there. ..

Here's some links for it. . . haven't had a reason to try this, but seems like a cool idea. . .


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Status of EPIC

I have it on good authority that the EPIC isn't vaporware, but don't plan on owning one 'til 2011. . .

Right now, the EPIC is "working" (i.e. Capturing images) BUT it's all arranged as components on a table somewhere @RED. . .

In an ichat session, Ted from Red held up a complete EPIC body, and was able to attach modules to it, but didn't actually capture images with it.

EPIC is definitely coming. . . It's just not quite ready for primetime yet.

If you can register for the TATTOO program (beta-testing the EPIC before it comes to market), i'd STRONGLY suggest you do it. . . It's gonna be awesome.


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Friday, December 11, 2009

Greetings from LA!

Congrats to all my fellow REDucates from the December 2009 REDucation Tech & Post classes. . . Now we can all put "RED-One Certified" on our business cards!


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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

More Scarlet updates from Other Websites!

Here's some OTHER posts from OTHER website about the Scarlet. . check 'em out!

From Engadget
"If you've been waiting for RED to release a product within reach of the prosumer class of shooters then this is it: the Scarlet 2/3. While the price is up from the original $3,750 lens and brain kit announced back in December 2008, an additional ASIC and four additional boards bring plenty of new features to help justify the price bump on this professional-grade camera. Scarlet starts with a 2/3-inch sensor in the $4,750 Scarlet 8X Fixed package (including "brain" and fixed 8x zoom lens, side CF module, REDmote, 2.8-inch touchscreen with "touch focus tracking," REDVOLT battery, and travel charger) or $2,750 for the Scarlet Interchangeable which includes the brain-only with adapters available for electronic RED, Canon, and Nikon glass. The resulting cam shoots 3k REDCODE RAW video at 120fps (150fps burst mode) and scaled 720p or 1080p recording at 60fps. Expect both models to ship in May or June assuming nothing goes wrong with the ASIC or firmware. Until then you can check the gallery for plenty of shots includes a glimpse of RED's mini primes and the 8x side-by-side with the 2/3 interchangeable."

From Akihabara News
"Not sure if you all have ever heard about RED, a US-based company, but basically they are providing the best, 2.3 and 4k video cameras in the world. Although extremely expensive, RED’s cameras are a must and something I would love to own one day… And maybe, yes maybe this dream will come true with the “Cheap” Scarlet, an Hybrid DSLR and Video Camera supporting 3k video up to 120fps and 1080p video up to 30fps in its $4750 version (2/3″ sensor brain+lens, CF module, REDMote, 2.8″ touch LCD, battery, and charger.)

Guys if you did not know what to offer me this Xmas, well now you know ! (The scarlet will be however available early 2010)"

It's all Soooooooo EXCITING!!