Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thesis Updates, on breaking Linux, and The First Day of Spring.

The city was humming, today, as I walked out of the liqour store, bottle
of cheap sake in a black plastic bag in the black canvas bag at my side.

I lit my last cigarette, and slid the UM out, brought up a terminal, and
scrolled up.

hope@threethousandwords:~$ xmms ./mp3/smiths/meatismurder/

As the player sprang to life, I felt it. . . the city was humming. As I
walked across the square to the L train, I could feel it. Hipster
chickenhawks in
their revisionist-vintage button-down pastel shirts, and
italian-leather shoes could feel it. Their prey in low-cut flower-prints
could feel it. Even the fucking pavement could feel it. It billowed in
clouds from the people flirting in the park, undressing each other with
their eyes as they crossed the street. It billowed up in crimson wave, a
limitless beacon of youth, hunger, and health, not giving a fuck
about tomorrow.

I couldn't have felt more electric of I had stuck my cock in a light

My entire world, for that instant, was Sex, sake,
and the dwindling red glow of the sun descending over the city. It made me
feel weightless, a bouyancy bourne upon the backs of boyish dreams that
I still had no urge to outgrow.

It was the first day of spring.

So, I broke my laptop eeepc when I first got it, trying to install a new flavor of linux on it. And then I fixed it, and then I broke it again. Rinse,Repeat.

And I've learned several things alot like legos: The fun is in the building of it; putting it together just the way you want it.

AND. . . well. .. uh. . . it's fragile.

Ok, that's the end of the Lego analogy.

So. . . yeah, me and my little eeepc have had lots of fun trying to turn her into a computer after borking it (as my friend #6817 says, "I nuked his box from orbit"). . .

It's now gotten to the point where my non-linux friends (most of them macusers) give me accusatory looks every time they see me working on it. They keep telling me that I'm "raping" my computer, or molesting her (they always refer to my eeepc as her, never him).

Little do they know! Ok, maybe I've been a little rough with her, but it's all out of love, pure and simple.

We start production on ROBO in 4 weeks. I'm goingto register the script with the WGA, and then post it up on the site (with all of it's 28 page glory. . . )