Thursday, November 29, 2007

Only in New York. . .

Do you know who the fastest gun in the west was?

Apparently (according to a drunken bum in Union Square) it's Doc Holiday. Who, between being the fastest gun in the west, and a gambler, found time to practice his TRUE love. . . Dentistry.

Here's to you, crazy bum who loves Doc Holiday.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving, a shot of love, and The FUCKING G Train. . .

^"Atlas" by Battles

Happy Posthumous Turkey Day!

I can't stand "A shot of Love" on MTV. Blah Blah Blah Slut, Blah Blah Blah Meathead, Blah Blah Blah Whore, Blah Blah Blah Sellout. I'm guess I'm just pissed that I'd never get on a show like that. I like free booze and sex in hot tubs.

Anyway, so I've been working on this short film called "Death Rides The G Train". . . and since wrapping, I've had nothing but trouble with the fucking G Train.

Last night, I left NYFA in Union Square around 12:45am. . . I hopped the L right away (it was pulling into the station as I came down the steps), and I rode it to Lorimer St., made the transfer to Metropolitan Ave, and was stopped by a pushy little worm of a guy in an MTA Vest. (Italics for Moron)

"Sir, There's No Trains Running"
"Well, sir, they're only running on one track. . ."
"So they're running?" (Both directions on one track, which sucks, but happens)
"Yes. But we also have SHUTTLE BUSES!!!" (Cue Triumphant Trumpets!)
"Uh, I think I think I'll take the train. . ."
"You Should Take The Bus."
"Well, if you insist. . ."
". . . How often do they run?"
"The buses run every 15 minutes, and the trains. . . every 40?"
"Just take the bus you would normally take!"

I don't normally take buses. I try to ride underground as much as possible. It's warm, and it cheap, and fast. Often it's pretty fucking convenient. I try not to spend too much time on the surface world: The daystar often burns my flesh, and cyborgs roam the streets. . .

Anyway, against my better judgement, and in a state of TOTAL confusion, I step onto the mean streets of Brooklyn. I think this is a good place to take a break.

^French Pop is Impossible.

Right. So there I am, Breathing all that beautiful air, ready to be attacked by vampires, et al. . . .and I wait for 20 minutes. . .

and there's a couple of us hanging around (all not sure if we're even in the right spot to be picked up. . .) and I see it in the distance. . . Yonder, it is a bus!


AND IT SAYS COURT SQUARE BOUND! I'm supposed to be going toward Court Square! W00T!

So it stops (!), and I get on, with Metrocard in hand (!) and the bus driver hold his hand over the card reader fare thing, so apparently the ride is FREE! Yay!

You get what you pay for. I'm riding the bus, waiting for something to look familiar, and nothing does, all the way up to the last stop, when the bus driver kicked 3 of us off the bus.

So. . . long story short, I walked to the subway station (AT LAST! The sweet, subterranean womb of New York!), took the F train to God knows where, and then took the L train FROM FUCKING UNION SQUARE, BACK to Lorimer, then made the transfer to Metropolitan Ave, then waited through 3 of the wrong trains for an hour and half, caught the Court St. Bound G train.

I got home at 4 am.

What else did I do last night? Crispin Glover's "It's Fine! Everything is Fine!" which was quite an experience. Definitely worth checking out. And his slideshow was epic win. Check him out at

^Here's an example.

OH! And thank you to everyone at the AR house for throwing the "Welcome Back Mike" Party at Silent Cal's, and thanks to everyone who came and hung out! I'll see you all soon.


ps. Go see Bergman Movies, but not "Monika". She's whiny.

Monday, November 12, 2007

shooting all week. . .

. . . That's the long and short of it. Been watching ALOT of David Lynch movies lately. Saw INLAND EMPIRE @ IFC CENTER, and i've come to the verdict that David Lynch is now the Anti-Godard: No Intellectual content, but purely emotional content to the point that an ENTIRE theater of people stared at a screen for 3 hours, all got up at the end of the movie, and left in silence. . . except for us smart-ass film students, who immediately burst into laughter.

David Lynch is win.

I have another post that I was supposed to post, but i haven't posted it yet, so when the post is posted, it will actually be post-dated! (Ha!)

So, yeah. I want Nick Zedd to produce my talk show. And he will (he doesn't know it yet, but he will).


Sunday, November 4, 2007

blogpost interruptus

Here's some updates. . . I'm going to try to post 2 16mm studies that I did, as well as (hopefully) an art piece that I did before I left for school. . .

I just wrote the script for a Musical Comedy called "Death Rides The G Train (a Musical)". . . I'm really looking forward to shooting for it. . . it looks like I'll be casting this Wednesday.

I was going to shoot my music video project last week, but I got pneumonia, and ended up in th hospital for a night. That sucked, but gave me all sorts of delirious ideas to drawn upon for the above mentioned script. So, it's twisted. It looks like I'm going to try and shot the music video on one of our days off.

We've just started working with the DVX-100s, which I'm pretty stoked on. I can't wait t be able to shot 10 times as much footage for what it costs me just to buy 3 minutes of film stock. I'll finally be able to afford to feed my crew.

Employee #6817 has a myspace. GO TO IT NAO:

Also, all this month, the IFC CENTER is running midnite screenings of David Lynch movies. . . I'll be there every week, @ midnite on Fridays, rocking out. This week is INLAND EMPIRE. see you there. . .