Monday, September 24, 2007

Moving to NYC, Taking a Sabbatical Year, Gonna Have a Real Good Time. . .

I leave for New York this coming weekend to attend NYFA (New York Film Academy) for a year.

Much love and respect to the ENTIRE Western MASSive, and thanks for all the rockin' times. My plans are still up the air (relatively speaking), but I am taking a sabbatical leave from Aspect Radio, as least for the next year, and can't wait to see where we're all at in a year. It's gonna be wicked.

So. . if you're trying to reach me, the best is to send me an e-mail at (my new personal e-mail accounts). Do it NAO.


ps. Production has been halted on Court of Conscience. . . for now. I'm taking a break, and reimagining some of it. Also, I'm fucking moving, so that makes it tough.

pps. Check out this half-decent Fan Video for the Matson Jones song "N.E.S.F.T.O."

^/me is not associated with this video. . . I guess I'll have to write them, and see what's good with doing an ACTUAL video for them. . .

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