Sunday, November 4, 2007

blogpost interruptus

Here's some updates. . . I'm going to try to post 2 16mm studies that I did, as well as (hopefully) an art piece that I did before I left for school. . .

I just wrote the script for a Musical Comedy called "Death Rides The G Train (a Musical)". . . I'm really looking forward to shooting for it. . . it looks like I'll be casting this Wednesday.

I was going to shoot my music video project last week, but I got pneumonia, and ended up in th hospital for a night. That sucked, but gave me all sorts of delirious ideas to drawn upon for the above mentioned script. So, it's twisted. It looks like I'm going to try and shot the music video on one of our days off.

We've just started working with the DVX-100s, which I'm pretty stoked on. I can't wait t be able to shot 10 times as much footage for what it costs me just to buy 3 minutes of film stock. I'll finally be able to afford to feed my crew.

Employee #6817 has a myspace. GO TO IT NAO:

Also, all this month, the IFC CENTER is running midnite screenings of David Lynch movies. . . I'll be there every week, @ midnite on Fridays, rocking out. This week is INLAND EMPIRE. see you there. . .


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