Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"After Her, There's Nothing"

Here's some still shots of the LOVELY Fara D'Aguiar, and INCREDIBLE Morgan Greising, from a short film excercise we had to do for class. . the short film is called "After Her, There's Nothing" and it looks GREAT.

For the excercise, we had to choose from 4 dialogues, and write a scene from scratch, without changing the dialog.

We shot using PANASONIC DVX-100A (my new favorite camera), and then all the editing and post was done in FCP 6.0.2

. . . I'll post this video to youtube, and a bunch more videos, VERY soon. . . Chrismahanukkwanzica is coming soon, and i'll have some time to do some uploading.

Special thanks to Ayberk Sak, Fabrizio Schepisi, and Herrard Costales for being an AWESOME crew.

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