Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Eugene and The Neighbor First Draft

Been busy over the past couple of days. . .

I finally finished a music video for "Devil Her Due" from an old, but as of yet unreleased EP "3 Songs For Christine" that I recorded almost 2 years ago. . . I'll be posting that soon, and hopefully finding someone to host the EP's for download (Probably through BASEMENT LABS). . . I'll post details, once they're known. . .

Also, I've finished the first draft of "Eugene And The Neighbor", a short film that I've been working on at The New York Film Academy. . . here's an excerpt from the script. . .


A gray, metal industrial door sits in a cone of light from overhead, against the pitch black backdrop of an apartment building. The door opens a crack, and quickly closes. It opens again, and a hand clutching a can of KILL'EM bugspray juts quickly out firing a burst of noxious gas, and then pulls back into the safety of the building.

Eugene, a harried man in his mid-twenties, huddling in his grungy clothes, finally steps through the door, out into the outside world, brandinshing his can of bug spray. He's wearing a week's worth of beard and the look of a hunted man, short on sleep. He quickly checks back and forth, making sure that the perimeter is clear, before nervously digging into one filthy pocket, digging deep.

He digs out a crumpled soft-pack of cigarettes, quickly shoves the pack into his pocket and digs in the opposite pocket for a lighter. Finding it, he lights his cigarette, takes a deep drag, and visibly relaxes.

A sharp pinging sound firmly plants Eugene back on edge. Brandishing his bugspray, he waves it back and forth, wildly looking for the source of the sound. The sharp pinging sound breaks the silence again, and Eugene looks up.

A single moth is fluttering against the light bulb, trying to keep warm in it's holy tungsten glow. It flys into the bulb again, making a sharp pinging sound.

Eugene stares in absolute horror. The pinging happens again, and one of Eugene's eyes begins to twitch. The moth collides with the bulb another time, and Eugene regains his senses, sprays the bug, and flees back into the relative safety of the bug-infested, dilapidated apartment building where he lives.


Still shaken from his near-brush with an unspeakable fate, Eugene begins to laboriously make his way up the innumerable flights of steps to his apartment, can of bugspray before him like a shield.

Something black, hungry, and six-legged rustles somewhere close-by. Eugene is frozen to the spot. The scuttling sound stops, and looking around furtively, Eugene continues to make his way up the shadowy steps.

A cockroach scuttles across Eugene's path.
Eugene springs into action, stomping maniacally on the ground, in hopes that he'll be able to kill the monster.


There's a scuttling sound, and Eugene stomps wildly again.


Eugene hears the scuttling sound again, and it sounds angry. With a distressed wail, Eugene flees up the steps, toward the relative safety of his apartment.

So, there it is. . . hopefully I'll be able to get some stuff up to ye-old youtubes tonite, as well. . .


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