Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Cheating Death, Shani Patel's Short Film, has wrapped principal photography in Iowa City, IA.

Man Called Zombie while ordering food, punched twice in face.

So, there were 2 Zombie Films shooting in Iowa City while we were their: our film, and "Collapse", an indie feature. Our Huge Zombie Ext. Scene was rained out, so our Zombies left. The article is about one of OUR zombies. Oooops.
Here's some photos:

^My Mobile FCP station, Joe's Place, Iowa City

^Scene 1 Night Exteriors

^Downtown @ Night

^Downtown @ Night

^Downtown @ Night

^Reference Shot, scene 15

^Another Reference Shot

^Red One!!

^4 TB of AWESOME!!

^the view from the van, Day 2

^Newton, IA @ night, Day 1

^It's like they knew we were coming!! Iowa City, IA

^too late.

On the road back to NYC, will update accordingly.


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