Thursday, February 18, 2010

Canon Video DSLR Workflow

UPDATE: There's a New Canon FCP Plugin in the works. . . here's a link to the news item LINK

Will update my instructions/workflow once it's out.

With so many projects shooting vDSLR, there's been some confusion with how to treat the footage. I usually use THIS workflow when coming back from Canon products. Here's an excerpt from it:

Shoot on 7D
(This is the same for ALL Canon vDSLR cameras. -Ed.)1080, shutter 1/50th on 25 fps

Read movies from camera and store on backup HD

Use MPEG StreamClip (freeware) and it’s batch functionality to add all 7D clips to it’s batchlist and convert all these babies to Quicktime Movie : Apple ProRes codec -> convert all and save to project folder or “converted” folder on backup HD. Do NOT enable any scaling or deinterlacing options in this program, just set the Quality slider to 100% if it’s not already at that.

Use FCP to edit as usual, set project/renderer to ProRes or ProRes-HQ (bit over the top maybe…)

The thing to remember is ALL the Canon vDSLRs shoot Quicktime movies in the H.264 Codec. . . Make sure you budget enough time and storage space for your considerably larger Pro-Res files. To save on time, COPY all the files from your CF cards, but only transcode your CIRCLE TAKES from your camera reports. . .


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