Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"You mean I can't just Cut my 7D Footage in FCP?"(From PvC)

Staying Native or Going Intermediate? Transcoding and Premiere Pro CS5 from Jason Levine on Vimeo.

Here's an interesting video talking about the What, Why, and When of transcoding footage.

It's got kinda a Premiere slant (trust me, don't buy Premiere, but the idea is the same. Enjoy.

ALSO, don't use this as a justification for NOT transcoding. . what he DOESN'T tell you is he has a BEEFY, HOT-RODDED Mac Pro. If you're trying to cut on your 5+ year old Macbook, you'll want to transcode. TRUST ME.

Here's a link to the PvC Article

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