Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Haven't blogged in a while. . .

The RED EPIC will officially launch in a couple of days. . . but you can totally buy one now, if you want (if you're Peter Jackson, or George Lucas, or the Guys making the new Spiderman. . .)

Here's a collection of VERY relevant links for you to peruse!!

Spider-man reboot is being shot in RED EPIC 3D, has John Schwartzman all kinds of excited (From Engadget)

Peter Jackson nabs thirty RED EPIC cameras to film The Hobbit, tempt you to blow your savings

RED's Scarlet Camera Has Been Renamed Epic Light, and Will Increase in Price (from Gizmodo)

Thirty Hand-Machined RED EPIC Cameras Will Film The Hobbit in 3D (From Gizmodo)

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