Sunday, March 27, 2011

Looking back at all the old stuff. . .

Man. . . I was just looking back at some of my backups from when I was a student at THE NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY a couple of years ago (2007, to be exact). . .

And here's an interesting story about a film that I want to redo/recut/recapture. . .

I had just watched the 'LYNCH' documentary at The IFC Center (formerly the Waverly, I guess), and was feeling pretty stoked on making movies. . . and as I stepped out the door on my way to the train, the ENTIRE script for Eugene and the Neighbor popped into my head, fully formed.

It was pretty exciting. . . I couldn't believe it. . . it just kinda HAPPENED. . . which was awesome. We shot it as a school project, had some problems with production, had MORE problems with post. .. and it was pretty much all my fault. . . I didn't really take it as seriously as I should have (ya know, being a student and all).

But the long and short of it is ideas can hit you ANYWHERE. . . and the 60 feet from the Theater to the train was just enough time for me to come up with a complete script, from start to finish.

Go figure.


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