Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quicktime 7 & Quicktime X in Lion. . . (With Download Link)

I just downloaded QT7 from Apple's Support page, and when I tried to install, this was the error I got:

"Quicktime can't be installed on this disk.  This version of Quicktime 7 can't be installed on this disk because Quicktime X is already present.  Please use Software Update to install the appropriate version of Quicktime for your Mac."

So. . . yeah.  QT X is definitely NOT a replacement for QT Pro.  This is TRUTH.  Here's an OLD thread detailing some of the differences.

Obligatory Backstory:

Today, I had some issues with a Gamma shift in my QT's from FCP (long story short), and it looked like one of my solutions involved QT Pro. . . So, after much googling, I came across this Apple Support topic, that answered my question.

I was a little put off about how far I had to dig for this, so here is the direct download link. . . your mileage may vary, but this should give you the ability to buy a QT Pro license (comes with Final Cut Studio).

>>>Download QT 7 (Lion Compatible)<<< 

It's now installed, and is playing nice with QT X. . . No hacking required.  I just opened the DMG, and now i'm looking at QT Pro. 

If you're interested, here's some links that got me to my solution;

"Quicktime X alongside Quicktime 7? (from Apple Support)"

"QuickTime Player 7 for Mac OS X v10.6.3 or later (Support Page)"

Old Thread detailing some of the Differences between QT 7 & QT X (from Macrumors)

Inside QuickTime Pro's bag of tricks (from Macworld)

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