Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"ERECTION" by Tannaz Hazemi

Here's a trailer for the Short Film 'Erection' directed by Tannaz Hazemi. This (as far as I know) was the first thing i've cut that's been screened at Cannes. . . here's hoping there's many more!!
A young couple struggles with a relationship that has run its course.

Luke Macfarlane
Bonnie Swencionis

Directed by Tannaz Hazemi
Written by Tannaz Hazemi and James Grimaldi

Director of Photography: Zack Galler

Editor: Mike Mazzotta

Production Design: Laura Miller

Asst Director: Isaac Lefevre

Sound: Clayton Castellanos

Pudding Boy Productions

You can read more about it HERE, and HERE. Also, IMDB

. . . and for the record, this is my favorite article about Tannaz. "Kissing the Tannazbian" by Sasha Owen Longfellow

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