Saturday, October 20, 2007

Not Tapeworm, but close. . .

Maynard James Keenan's solo project. I've been waiting for YEARS for it. And it the album finally comes out October 30th. . . fucking go check it out, and fucking support. . . It's cool to see somebody like Maynard pick up the flag for indie folks. . . to give us hope, I guess. If anyone can be wicked successful with it, it's him. Also go check out John Crosby is fucking amazing. . . and another indie guy.

anyway, today is another Sunday. . . we had a full day of shooting today (13 hours worth). . . we ended the day with tired actors, and a 16mm camera that had developed a taste for 56$ per roll* (stock and processing) Tri-X Reversal Film. . . so. . . we wrapped early.

We start shooting again on Monday. . . I have to be on set at 10am, I think. Maybe. Who knows. I'm fucking burned out. At leastone of the two projects we shot today went well. .

I've been reading THE SANDMAN comics by Neil Gaiman. Fucking awesome. I've definitely lost sleep.

What else?

Next week, I'm shooting a music video for class. . .and I'm using a song by Dylan and Limewax. It's gonna be intense. Guy. Chair. Handcuffs. 2 girls in bondage gear. Half a gallon of fake blood. Can't wait.

Speaking of fake blood, I edited the footage from my last shoot. . . it was definitely a center of discussion in my class. People REALLY liked it. . . unfortunately, it expose the way I had hoped, and some of the focus was a little off. . . but that's what you get when you shot 16mm with lots of preparation, and no practical experience. If there was only a way to make digital look like Tri-X, I'd be set. I could shoot DAYS worth of dv tapes, and still not pay as much as I would for 2 hours of 16mm.

. . . and I'm thinking about buying a Mac.

Ouch. It hurts to type that. I can't believe I just did. Did I mention that there's new tracks up on the Puscifer website?

Ok, to justify what I said above, (and trust me, I DEEPLY feel that it needs justification. . .) I've been giving this ALOT of thought, and I've come up with 3 things to justify my want for a Macbook Pro.

1. It's thin, light and pretty.
2. It's pretty powerful.
3. Final Cut Fucking Pro.

I can edit more footage in FCP in an hour than I could in my BELOVED Cinelerra in 5. . .

Ok, maybe that's hyperbole, but FCP is easy, and elegant. Cinelerra is a wonderfully, lovingly crafted broadsword, but FCP is a fucking lightsaber, and who doesn't want to be Luke FUCKING Skywalker (or Plo Koon, in all his piss-yellow, big alien foreheaded glory).

And, it has a really nice text engine. And some really cool feature.

and I can put it on a resume.


Started writing some treatments this week for a couple of different projects, hopefully I can develope them into screenplays. . . one is about a crazy guy that lives alone in Brooklyn, and his finding love. . . and being MIND-RAPED by The Spectre of Death when a mistake at the pharmacy leaves him with less than the number of pills he should have for his perscriptions. ..

and one is about an young man, and an old man, in a cemetary. Both are . . . Grim Reapers, for lack of a better term, but one is far grimmer than the other.

MJK? Has he come up in conversation yet.

i should go pass the fuck out. it's been a long fucking day.


*100 Ft/30m/3minutes

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