Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Movie A Day 2010

I figured I'd start the new decade with a bang.

This Year, I'm going to attempt to watch a movie a day.

Here's the First 20 days of January.

Jan. 1st - In the Realms of the Unreal
Jan. 2nd - Taxi Driver
Jan. 3rd - Hebrew Hammer
Jan. 4th - AVATAR
Jan. 5th - Following
Jan. 6th - Shakes the Clown
Jan. 7th - Aliens (Director's Cut)
Jan. 8th - Them
Jan. 9th - Robocop
Jan. 10th - THX-1138
Jan. 11th - The Black Dahlia
Jan. 12th - 48hrs
Jan. 13th - Rachel Getting Married
Jan. 14th - The Producers (Musical)
Jan. 15th - Maltese Falcon
Jan. 16th - Klute
Jan. 17th - Hollywoodland
Jan. 18th - Go
Jan. 19th - RocknRolla
Jan. 20th - Very Bad Things

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