Friday, May 7, 2010

40 Minutes on DSLR Filmmaking with Shane Hurlburt (The Christian Bale Freak-Out Guy)

I stumbled across this over on PvC. . .

I haven't watched it yet, but I figured it was totally up our alley; here's the tag from PVC;
Cinematographer Shane Hurlbut and his collaborators at Bandito Brothers in LA have been shaking up the industry as they embrace the DSLR filmmaking revolution. We sat down with Shane, Bandito’s Jacob Rosenberg, and publicist Hesh Rephun at their amazing LA-area facility to talk about DSLR filmmaking. You can watch this 40-minute interview in two parts here.


You could just click below and watch them here. :)

Conversations - Bandito / Hurlbut 01

Conversations - Bandito / Hurlbut 02

PS. I love you, Pro-Video Coalition, even if you ARE wrongly skewed in favor of Premier.

EDIT: HA! I knew Shane Sounded familiar. From his Wikipedia article;
In 2008 Hurlbut again worked with director McG, as director of photography on the film Terminator Salvation. During shooting for the film in July 2008, Hurlbut faced an expletive-ridden tirade from actor Christian Bale, who berated Hurlbut for walking into a scene involving Bale and actress Bryce Dallas Howard. Hurlbut responded calmly and apologized several times to Bale, and continued shooting for seven hours after the incident. On February 6, 2009 Bale told KROQ radio that he and Hurlbut talked after the incident and "resolved this completely". Bale acknowledged the two worked together for several hours after the incident, and "at least a month after that", and noted "I've seen a rough cut of the movie and he has done a wonderful job. It looks fantastic".

Here's the recording. . . this thing will NEVER die. . .

You gotta love the Internet!!

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