Wednesday, May 26, 2010

NYFA RED Online Workflow FCP 7

Here's the NEWLY UPDATED RED ONE Online Workflow for NYFA Students. . . EVERYONE @NYFA USQ Edit Lab knows/trusts this, so if you have any questions, feel free to ask any one of us.


ONLINE RED Workflow For FCP 7 ONLY (updated 05.22.10)

The RED One is a Film Camera with a digital back.  The Imaging Sensor is The Film Plane, De-Bayering is the Chemical Bath, Color Science (LUT/Colorspace) is the Lab Timing, and Transcode is the Telecine.  Your R3D files are a Digital Negative.  Treat RED footage like film, and you will have good results.

The RED is NOT a Video Camera: it does no onboard image processing.
The RED is NOT an HD Camera: it does not shoot 720/1080

Glossary of Terms
  • "The Caboose Effect"
      • Plan from Front to Back.
      • Start With Distribution, then work your way through Acquisition
  • RAW
    • A File that contains minimally processed data.
    • Contains Pixel Data from an Image Sensor
    • Also Known as a Digital Negative
  • Online Editing
    • Handling the deliverable footage
    • The FINAL stage of editing
  • Offline Editing
    • Handling Transcoded versions of the RAW footage
  • Proxy
    • Footage that stands in the place of the ORIGINAL footage
  • Codec
    • "Compression-Decompression"
    • A set of instructions to Compress data for storage, and De-Compress for Playback
    • a specific algorithm for compressing or audio* 
  • Decompression
    • the process of restoring a video or audio file for playback from a compressed video, graphics, or audio file.
  • Compression
    • the process by which video, graphics, and audio files are reduced in size.** 
  • Color Space
    • a way to interpret numerical values for Color (RGB/CMYK/Etc)
    • A method of mathematically representing color for use with a specific display or medium.*
  • LUT
    • LookUp Table
    • a set of instructions used to profile color and gamma to simulate their appearance on a given mediom, such as an HD display, or a specific film stock.*
  • Gamma
    • Mathematical method for calibrating an image's brightness values for use with different displays*
  • Debayer
    • the mathematical process of interpreting RAW image data from a sensor back into a full-color image.*
    • DIRECTLY related to VISUAL QUALITY of your footage
    • How it breaks down the Wavelet
    • Quality (Down Convert is Size)

  • Import
    • Bring Data INTO a program
  • Export
    • Send Data OUT OF a program (Create a NEW TYPE of file)
  • Transcode
    • Convert video or audio data from one codec, resolution, and/or format to another.*
  • Redspace
    • A custom gamma and color profile used for viewing RED footage

  • Preparing Your Footage for Transcode
    • Using Your Camera Reports, Mark the RDC's that you want to Transcode in the RDM folders.
      • "Don't Print Bad Takes"
      • NEVER DELETE - You may need some of these files later.
      • NEVER save or add ANYTHING to your original files:  Make a Backup, and LOCK IT.
  • Transcode in RedRushes
    • Step 1 - Add Clips
      • Add ONLY the RDC files you marked from your camera reports
    • Step 2 - The Render Tab
      • Debayer Quality: 1/2
      • Timecode: External/TOD
      • Look Source: Camera
      • Color Space: CameraRGB 
        • Will be editing Digitally/MOST LIKELY for Digital Distribution (For Digital Delivery)
      • Gamma Space: Redspace
        • VERY Close to the way you monitored on-set.
    • Step 3 - The Resize Tab
      • [Check] Scale
        • Preset: 1920x1080 (For HD Delivery)/2048x1080 for 2k Delivery (56 pixels on each side)
      • Fit/Stretch: Fit Width
    • Step 4 - The Output Tab
      • Output Format: Quicktime Movie
      • Quicktime Codec: Apple ProRes 422
        • Set to a New, SPECIAL folder on your Hardrive.
    • Step 5 - Click Start     
  • Import Into FCP
    • File -> Import File
  • Cut Your Film
  • Repeat as Necessary!

*From RED: The Ultimate Guide to Using the Revolutionary Camera by Noah Kadner
** From Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut 7 by Diana Weynand

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