Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Online Learning Resource:

I'm not really sure how I missed this, but here it is!

Hey everyone. We at BLING Digital are very excited to make the official announcement here on reduser that has launched, and is now live.

The site is an ever growing database of video lessons on all things digital, with a heavy emphasis on RED. We have put together a group of Red all-stars as the instructors. In no particular order, you will now be able to learn from:

1. Brook Willard. Possibly the busiest on set RED tech in the world.

2. Michael Cioni. Given more RED workflow lectures than anyone.

3. Steve Sherrick. The man who puts together the AMAZING reduser events at NAB that we all love so much, and a great Red Tech.

4. Kaku Ito. A RED Rocket™™™™™™ pioneer. Our first international instructor, he will be teaching in Japanese.

5. Mark L. Pederson. Who the hell is he? If you don’t know the founder of Offhollywood, get out from under that rock! Owns RED #6 and #7 (or 1 and 2 if you don’t count Jim’s).

6. Jeff Kilgroe. Hardware guru. Over 7,000 posts on

7. Blair Paulson. The man who brought the Road Grader to SoCal, and owner of RED #19.

8. Jesse Korosi. A Bling Digital wizard who you don’t know.....yet.

9. Steve Gibby. Will teach you how to travel lean and mean.....with a RED. Owns RED #8 and two other very early REDs.

10. Obin Olson. Nobody knows ADOBE workflow like this guy does.

11. Jason Diamond. AVID workflow master. Red-to-AVID-to-RED.

12. Chris Parker (me). Worked the 57-RED-Camera NIKE shoot.

Our goal is simple. To expand the worldwide knowledge base for Digital Cinema Workflow. For starters, think of it as an online video manual for all things RED.

HERE'S a link to the thread on REDUSER, and HERE is a Link to (the website in question).


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