Sunday, July 4, 2010

DSLR Post Webinar available On Demand, extra questions answered (From PvC)

I love PvC. . . even IF they are biased towards Adobe Products (I've made my choice, man. . . stop trying to get me to switch!!)

I haven't had time to watch the Webinar yet, but I DID get a chance to read the article w/ the extra questions. . . and. . . it's pretty friggin' rad.

Here's a sample Q&A from the article;
Q: I would like to know about combining the footage with red material and also audio sync issues.

A: Intercutting DSLR footage with RED is easy as long as the RED is converted into a matching format. If both formats are, for example, 23.98 ProRes 422 then it’s easy. The key to making them match would be in the final color grade and with some effort a DSLR camera can be a nice B-camera to a RED. If you want to match back to the RED R3D files in online then just put the RED shots on their own video layer so you can pull that out of the edit for online conform. Audio sync shouldn’t be much of an issue if you are matching frame rates. The key for the smooth mixing of footage in post production is to match frame rates.

As you can see, it's exciting stuff, with TONS of links to other howto's, programs, etc. IT IS A MUST READ IF YOU'RE SHOOTING WITH CANON DSLR's. There, I said it.


(From PVC)

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